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Jean Thompson

My name is Jean Thompson and my practice is based in Thackley, Bradford, West Yorkshire with easy links from Leeds and Bradford.

My interest in holistic and complementary therapies developed during my dental career. I have always believed we should take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and this is more important than ever as we juggle the demands of our ever faster paced lives. Personal experience of a life threatening illness developed this interest further when I experienced the positive effects of reflexology.

Jean Thompson Reflexologist Bradford

I decided that the time was right for a career change and retrained as a complementary therapist and haven’t looked back as I love my work!  I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me and my interest in holistic therapies has deepened especially as now I am lucky enough to regularly benefit by treatment exchanges with fellow therapists!

My training was at Jubilee College where I gained a Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru units at Level 5.) This is recognized and accepted by all the major reflexology associations. I have since done further reflexology training and offer Precision Reflexology, Reflexology with Hot Stones, Reflexology with Essential Oils and Auricular Reflexology.  I have also trained in Indian Head Massage and Reiki.

I will adapt and individually tailor your treatments to your condition and support you by offering a long-term holistic approach to your wellbeing. I take into consideration lifestyle, any current medication or supplements you may be taking as well as any physical symptoms

I have a personal interest in supporting clients and their families who are living with cancer and, also, for whom stress and anxiety has become a major factor in their life. I believe stress is the cause and root of so many modern day illnesses but regular reflexology sessions can help combat this because it works on an emotional and physical level. I have undertaken additional training that allows me to support clients with a cancer diagnosis and my volunteer work with Cancer Support Yorkshire has given me some valuable experience in this field. I have also had experience of supporting clients in the work place and did a regular corporate booking for a number of years. This really gave me an insight of how continued stress has a negative impact upon our health as the immune system becomes weakened through disturbed sleep patterns. This in turn affects energy levels and can lead us to rely on addictive coping mechanisms increasing the risk of long term illness. Regular reflexology can help break these negative cycles and patterns of behaviour as the body re-balances.

My therapy room is now based at my home in a relaxing, peaceful environment making treatments even more enjoyable.



What is Reflexology

JT Barefoot Therapies
JT Barefoot Therapies
JT Barefoot Therapies
JT Barefoot Therapies

Reflexology is a non-invasive, calming therapy and is one of the most popular complementary therapies in the UK. It’s an ancient therapy that can be traced back to both ancient China and Egypt. Wall paintings depicting reflexology were found in the pyramid of Ankmahor, – the “physicians tomb.” Fast forward several centuries with a number of transformations later and reflexology came to the West forming the basis of what we practise today.

Reflexology works by applying gentle pressure to specific reflex points on the feet, hands or ears, which correspond to organs, glands and muscles in the body. Reflexology stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism which can help restore balance and equilibrium. Many people have reflexology as a way of relaxing the mind and body and to counteract stress. Medical and other health care professionals increasingly regard reflexology to be a well established, respected and effective therapy for pain management and relaxation.

A reflexology session will leave you with a deep sense of relaxation with reduced stress and tension. Client’s who have regular reflexology remark on a better night’s sleep, feel re-energised with an improved mood and sense of wellbeing. As stress levels lower this in turn helps support the immune system and may help bring relief from a wide range of chronic and acute conditions.

Whilst Reflexology is excellent for supporting a number of conditions, it does not claim to prescribe, diagnose or cure illness. It is not a replacement for medical advice and if you have any medical worries or concerns please seek advice from your doctor or medical professional.